Wed-Nes-Dyne Day

Today has already been such a great day and I am bless to still be on this rock slinging around the sun. No matter if I am wealthy or powerful I have my health, my family and a roof over my head and food in my belly.

I am truly blessed.

3 pull-ups
3 dips

16 crisscross sit-ups
12 mountain climbers

1 set TABATA AirDyne
Buy out
100 scissor kicks

Winning, Whining and Wa-becoming better

Blood Blister



Wednesday’s Work
On Wednesday I got the chance to workout with my wife (which doesn’t happen often enough). We started in a partner workout…and it just didn’t click. We fought through the ring rows, we fought through the cleans, we fought through the box jumps and the sit-ups and for about 1/2 way through we started fighting against each other.

I was wrong and she was right, I was slow and couldn’t move faster on my cleans and rows. She was slow on the ring rows and mad that I was being a jerk-hole about a mix up on the rounds. And it all built until the last 300m run where I apologized for being a jerk and that I really didn’t like the fact that this fighting had pretty much ruined the workout and I was very frustrated. Little did I know that my frustration was the small end of the pie. She finished her run with me and turned and I saw the tears in her eyes, she wasn’t mad at me, she was frustrated with herself.

She should have been faster, she should have grouped her reps better, it shouldn’t have felt as heavy as it did and she was last. She felt as though her showing had been horrible and she was not as good as a Crossfit-er as she should have been.

I tried to remind her that, she was only 1 of 3 women who did it RX, every rep had looked perfect, she did cleans with 70% of her 1 rep max, she did 81 reps of RX. Ring rows, cleans, box step ups & sit-ups w/a 20lb ball. She pushed hard, she had worked for more than 45min and never gave up.

In the end sharing with each other the journey and showing each other the light in their dark hours will bring perspective and appreciation for all the work we have done.

Work hard and never get discouraged.
Partner WOD

For time:

Partner A completes 21 RRows, then Partner B completes 21 RRows. Partner A completes 21 Power Cleans, then Partner B completes 21 Power Cleans, etc:

21-18-15-12-9-6 Rounds of:

Ring Rows
Power Cleans, 115/85lb

Run 300m Together

21-18-15-12-9-6 Rounds of:

Box Jump or Step Up, 24/20″
MedBall Partner Sit Ups, 20/14lb

Run 300m Together

Post times to Comments.

You will be Amazing

Every day that you wake up as a free man or woman you chose how you will live that day from beginning to end. You will either be crushed by what comes at you or you will take a hold of it and overcome.

Do not give in
Do not give up
Do not take the easy route
Do not waste time
Do not settle for ‘close enough’

Put away distraction
Shut out negativity
Give 100%, then give more

Work hard, be diligent and you will be amazing.

Warm Up
Court Width Dynamic
Lateral Running
Inch Worms

15 push-ups
10 cleans

4 pull-ups
6 dips

30sec AirDyne
30sec max sit-ups
1min rest

Handstands on Leg Day?!?


Handstands are not a favorite of mine, nor are cartwheels but I programmed them this morning because we need to do things that we are uncomfortable with if we want to continue to improve.

Now, don’t go into that scary house at the end of the street after dark because you want to improve as a person. Going into creepy houses after dark (especially if you are with a mix of friends who are different races and some really hot girls) is a bad idea in general per, Oh I don’t know…Every horror movie ever.

Just like when we change up our workout routines we find that we have room to expand we also find room to use our current strengths to overcome and do well in those areas. Do not think you need to focus on your weaknesses to become great, you need to use your strengths to do well and find ways to use them to achieve whatever goals are put in front of you.

Warm Up
7min of practice Hand Stands
20ft cartwheels & 20ft broad jumps

6Rds 3 reps DB Goblet Squat
6Rds 6 reps Shoulder Press

20 situps
6 Leg Extensions
6 Leg Curls
10 air squats

Work weeks, work -ends, worked out

Through the past +2 weeks I have been working out and working hard which have caused me to have very little time to blog and frankly with all the stress I have been under part of me wishes all I had to do was blog.

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.” – Jewish Proverb

I never pity others who seem to be surrounded by failings as I have been there as well. I know the feeling of working everyday with the goal of providing for your family and at the end of the day when you have given it all you’ve got you still haven’t done enough. I know the feeling of emptying yourself and seeing that it’s not enough. If you are going though this or feel this way let me encourage you, it will get better. Fight, don’t stop fighting because the work will never slow down, it won’t stop and everyday you wake up the tide has the chance to start turning.

Be diligent, be brilliant, be amazing.

4Rds (took me 6:45)
150m Row
1min Plank

5 rep Back Squat
5 rep DB Bench Press

8 rep DB Incline Flyes
(4Rds x 10 Seated Cable Rows)

12 Calf Raises
25 Decline Sit-ups

Weekend Warriors Honoring Warriors

On Saturday my wife and I got to do a Hero WOD named after Army Sargent Adam Coe who died in April 2010. This WOD (named simply: ‘COE’) really made me think because while he was an Army Sargent and he died in combat doing what he wanted to do his loss hit me the hardest. He was survived by his wife, two sons and new born daughter that he had seen only 1 time while on R&R in Hawaii.

I love this country and would gladly spend my life to defend it and the ones that I love but I would grieve me beyond belief to lose my family. I will live every day to help others and spend every ounce of strength I have to give to everyone else but it is only because I can come home to my family and hold them in my arms. This man’s willingness to do his job cost him his family but it is one small part of the big picture that lets me be with mine.



10reps Thrusters (95/65)

10reps Ring Push-Ups


Training Brah

Last night while sitting in class I get a text from my boss that reads,

I’m back to being motivated. Hope you get to feeling that way too.”

(I had decided to skip my morning workout because I was dragging and knew I would be out of the house forever and wanted some rest)

I replied that I was in class fighting to stay awake much less thinking about tomorrows workout, his reply was

“I don’t do WODs (he knows the lingo of CF) but maybe I should make one for you :)”

The smiley should have been an indicator that I should decline and tell him not to waste his time but I stupidly said,

“Go ahead! give it a try, I’ll try it tomorrow”


Then I get this in my email some 10 minutes later



3Rds of each lift, 10reps each set (failure is expected after 6reps on 3rd set) with increasing weight each round

-Weighted Dips
-Skull Crushers    -Tricep Cable Extensions (twist hands at bottom so they face away from each other

-Preacher Curl w/EZ Bar    -DB Curls
-Concentration Curls

Finish with a 1 mile run for time


I had to read this workout 3 times and even had to look at a video on to figure out what Concentration Curls (Hint: Don’t do curls while doing Sudoku).  I rarely do full isolation exercises much less 3 different kinds for each muscle group in such close succession and without super setting (that was also a stipulation, I had to follow the groupings).  I went in and lifted though, I did every lift and work hard in each movement trying my best to perform them correctly.

I would say that I felt pretty ‘Brah’ after that as my triceps and biceps cried for mercy but I with the weight that I used I would probably just be an acquaintance rather than family. I left with my arms aching and stretching out my work shirt because I ‘got my swole on’. It works well, and as long as a person keeps moving through their different muscle groups they will grow strong overall (read: DON’T SKIP LEG DAY). Does this mean I’m giving up on Wall Balls and Burpees? Nope.  But I do have a renewed appreciation for what goes into isolated muscle destruction because it takes serious guts and dedication to keep destroying 1 muscle while the rest of your body if fine and once you finish the set you prep for the next, on the same muscle, looking for that same level of agony.

Talk about each step

Today is running day.  That is all I should have to say for you if you know anything about me because historically I am not a fan of running.

How much am I not a fan?

I hate the runnings

About that much, I didn’t really like short or long distance, fast or slow running mainly because I sucked at it and always was in pain for the next day or so.  Then I learned about pose running and it has changed more than just my form, it has changed my outlook on running to the point where I sometimes look forward to it.

Now what’s with the title? Well in running breath control is pretty key for keeping your pace while you run because as much as you can’t stagger around or keep changing speeds if you want any sort of consistency you need to have a reliable breathing pattern.  In my 4th run of the year with my sister I noticed 2 things, 1. she kept a constant cadance and did not break to walk and 2. She was able to talk for 8 of the 11 laps we ran.

When you can be conversational in your running it’s good because it means you are at a pace that you can sustain for a longer period of time and that you can run faster. You don’t have to look to a motivational poster or to youtube clips of Olympic sprinters and Marathoners, your motivation is inside you.  You get out there and work hard, set your course and take every step and you will be the one who finishes it.

You want success, it’s yours for the taking.

Go get it.


30 minute run

Why Great Danes poop or Rethinking schedule delays

When you work out with someone, specifically a family member, in the early morning you tend to want everyone to be punctual. You drug your butt out of bed and to the gym so they should show up, on time.  Stating that cardinal rule I have to say that I have missed and been late, and I am painfully aware of it so I am guilty of the ‘show up on time’ rule.

That being said this morning it was not my fault. I was walking out of the door with plenty of time to hit my 5:30am time when I saw my dog…and he needed to poop.

I let him out in a huff and stood impatiently waiting for him to hurry up and take care of his doggy business. 12 minutes later (and now 2 minutes late!) I texted stating that I was late do to dog ‘do’ but would be there shortly. On the way I thought about what I was going to say and how it was not going to be my fault and how I  was totally ready and it shouldn’t be held against me that I wasn’t late.

I got there we worked out and I ran home to change and head to work, on the way to work I began to think about how silly it was that I was getting  ruffled up because of a dog having to poop.  Sometimes in life we have slowdowns and detours but they are chances to growth and development because what we see as slowdowns and detours could facilitate course corrections and chances for us to add serious value to our life or to others. Does my dog taking care of his business make my life better? Probably not but by taking care of this myself I saved my wife from having to deal with him and get a few more minutes of sleep.   Enjoy the day and re-evaluate what might have bummed you out because if you look you can even find purpose in dog ‘do’.



5 minute warm up on rower



8rep DB bench press

8 bent over row


8rep bicep curls

8rep box dips

80 single unders (jump rope)


8rep lat pull downs

8rep DB shoulder press

Busy, Too busy

I’m alive!

Sorry for the lull in the posting of workouts and other such goodness but I have been absolutely swamped.

Let me make it up to you…

Wipe those tear from your eyes, we can’t be seen blubbering like this at our desk. Be strong, think about the report you need to right or the errands you need to run.

Better? Good.

“Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.” Henry Ward

We cannot build ourselves up through exercise or in life by brute force. Even when times are hard and it feels that the only way we can continue is through sheer force of will we must apply ourselves dutifully to what will make a difference. Ever wonder how an ax can split a log? The finer the edge the sharper the blade, the sharper the blade the better it cleaves.

Focus yourself on your goals and you can achieve great things in your own life, make those goals about helping other people and you will be greatness in their life.




400m Run

   10 Alternating box step ups w/Dumbbells (L=1, R=2)
   10 Decline Sit-Ups
(1/2 Tabata Set, 4Rds of 20sec work + 10sec rest)
    1 minute rest
    Air Squats
    1 minute rest
    1 minute rest